Capturing Your Share of Financial Services Customers in the Digital Age

Published by Ekata

A new and significant market demographic is emerging for financial services providers—Gen-Z and younger millennials. Converting these prospects to customers is essential to long-term success because of the substantial lifetime value it offers your business. People typically maintain long-term relationships with their bankers, lenders, and investment advisors. So every customer you acquire is likely to remain with you well into the future.

The converse is also true. Once a competitor captures those customers, they are lost to you well into the future.

The people in this demographic have grown up in the digital world. They want to conduct all their financial transactions online and they expect an “Amazon Prime” experience in conducting those transactions.

Traditional financial institutions offer a broad array of online services. But they face fierce competition from a new generation of online-only challenger banks and financial services providers that are designed and built with this digital-only demographic in mind.

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